Your body is designed for regular movement, but many Employees at the workplace cause their health to deteriorate by spending the bulk of their day sitting still instead. On average, ...
A sore throat can be the first sign of a cold, a side effect of strained vocal cords, or an indication of something more serious. ...



Free Medical Sensitization Program

Extremely packed schedules and poor health lifestyles of employees in this part of the world has resulted in avoidable health situations and untimely death. For these reasons, we have decided to enlighten our immediate corporate community, carry out free medical tests (blood pressure, blood glucose check and BMI) and recommend employees to health specialists when necessary.
Free Medical Sensitization Program (F.M.S.P) is a quarterly sensitization and check-up program that is organized by Healthy Life Consult & Supported by Capremark Network Media Group.
For now, F.M.S.P is carried out at a randomly selected location within the busy corporate Lagos environment.
A letter of acknowledgement is issued to our regular volunteers in recognition of their support.

Western Union World Of Betters

Western union world of Betters was a competition organized by Western Union world wide about doing something to make an individual life or a group of people life better.

Healthy Life Consult director Dr Sandra was one of the only 3 winners from Nigeria.

Her with the help of her Team. Provided medical health checks and consultation for 500 individuals. Going on air to broadcast the program was a good publicity and turn out was very impressive.
The program was a huge success .

Rotary Family Health Day

Rotary Club Family Health Day is a yearly event organized by Rotary club international.

Every year,families and individuals are provided with free medical check ups including HIV aids screening as well as drugs and ITN given freely also.
Huge turn outs all over Lagos and parts of ogun state are recorded.

Healthy Life consult as a friend of rotary is an active contributor during these events.